Podcaster iPhone App

"Over the Air" podcast management for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Subscribe, download and play audio and video podcasts without having to sync with a computer. Best of all, refresh all your podcasts from your device in seconds.

Background Downloading & Playback

Play audio in the background. Download files in the background. You can also use the iPod remote to control playback. You can download episodes of any size on any connection including episodes greater then 20 MB over cellular network.

Push Notifications

Don't spend all your time refreshing your feeds, let us do it. Get alerted when new episodes of your favorite shows become available. Then tap alert to refresh and download the new episode.

Podcast Directory

Huge podcast directory full of your favorite podcasts. We also suggest similar podcasts and host information. You can also import almost any rss podcast feed directly.


Want to know who is the host of the podcast, well now you can with our intergrated host feature, you can see who hosts and there extended information.

Playback and Resuming

Podcaster resumes audio and video podcasts after interuptions including phone calls, GPS directions and workout instructions. Audio and video episodes will play continuously one after another. Play all episodes in a playlist or you can play all episodes of one podcast continuously. Smart skip buttons allow you to skip 10 seconds on the first tap and then progressively more on each tap. Variable Speed playback aloows you to play episodes from .4x to 2x. See how it works

Custom Playlists

An easy way to organize your favorites into smaller more manageable groups.

Automatic or Scheduled Refresh

Setup refresh times, then the app will refresh at those times when open. You can also just let you app analyze your feeds and decide the best time to refresh.


Share a podcast with a friend using email, Facebook and Twitter.

Import and Export

Backup your subscriptions as opml file format by email or to dropbox. Later import the subscription back into the Podcaster directly from an email attachment or dropbox account.

Secured Feeds

Subscribe to password protected feeds. Podcaster can also subscribe to feeds where each episode is password protected.

Sleep Timer

Set a sleep timer to stop the audio at a given time interval. 15 minutes to 90 mintues.

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